Only The Highest Grades Of Meat

At Kolikof, you will find the best pasture-raised, grass-fed, olive-fed, and grain-fed non-GMO meats, including USDA Prime-Certified Dry-Aged beef, as well as the best Australian Wagyu and A5 Japanese Wagyu beef from the Miyazaki and Kagoshima Prefectures, as availability permits. Additionally, we offer veal, lamb, pork, and poultry options, including duck and goose. There are no hormones or antibiotics in any of our prime selections. All of our meats are vacuum-packed, frozen, and shipped with ice packs or dry ice. If you’re looking to buy the best gourmet meats online, look no further than Kolikof.

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Buy the Best Gourmet Meats Online

Our hand-curated collection of gourmet meats for sale online has been carefully selected and either imported, or sourced in the USA. Australia, Europe, Japan...we offer the best gourmet meats online from around the globe. Browse our collection to buy New York strip steaks online, non-GMO beef online, and plenty of other favorite cuts of meat.

Buy Pasture-Raised Meats Online

When you buy pasture-raised, non-GMO meats online from Kolikof, you’re investing in the crème de la crème. As the name implies, pasture-raised meats come from animals raised humanely on pristine pastures, apart from the modern industrial food system. Pasture-raised meat delivers key nutrients and world-class flavor. Look at our meats available online and buy gourmet lamb, Wagyu beef, and more.

Buy the Best Prime Meats Online

When you buy the best prime meats online from Kolikof, you’re stocking up on the cornerstones of novel cuisine. We have many tantalizing items available, including Australian Wagyu Beef and Japanese Wagyu Beef for sale. With coveted cuts and desirable delicacies galore, our selection of the best prime meats truly has something for every meat lover.

Buy the Best Gourmet & Prime Meats Online Today

If you’re ready to browse and buy the best pasture-raised, olive-fed, grass-fed, and grain-fed non-GMO meats online, our prime selections are just what you need! For more information about our gourmet meats for sale online, contact us today.