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Kolikof offers a complete line of delicious, high-quality caviar you can buy online for delivery right to your door. Considering that buying caviar and roe is a process that needs to deliver on flavor and value, not just any retailer will do; buy caviar online from the source the best chefs and restaurants rely on.

Discover Imperial Kaluga caviar, Russian Ossetra, Golden Russian Ossetra, and our exclusive, extra-large grain Imperial Triple Zero. Kolikof also has the best salmon roe and includes a free caviar spoon with every Sturgeon caviar purchase. Kolikof caviar and roes are sourced from the world's purest waters. If you're wondering where to buy caviar online, your journey ends here! We have an exquisite assortment of imported options, including Russian caviar, for sale online.

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Buy Premium Caviar Online at Low Prices

We believe caviar is a luxury that everyone should be able to enjoy. From the best Russian Ossetra to lavish caviar gift sets, our caviar selection for sale online consists of top-quality delicacies sourced from sustainable, eco-friendly farms at a fraction of the cost. Caviar types that are typically regarded as high-cost are now pleasing the palates of food lovers across the nation, with the name Kolikof.

Order the Best Kaluga Caviar for Sale Online

Beluga caviar, the famed delicacy of the Huso huso sturgeon, was once served on board first-class flights and in the best hospitality establishments in the world. However, the global appetite for this caviar took a toll on this once plentiful ancient fish native to the Caspian Sea, and Beluga was overfished and neared extinction. In 2005, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service banned the sale of Beluga caviar in the US. While there have been documented efforts to farm-raise Beluga sustainably, pure Beluga caviar for sale is a painstaking — not to mention unlawful — endeavor.

Fortunately, our Kaluga caviar for sale is incredibly similar to that of Beluga — creamy, smooth, buttery — and is among the most top-of-the-line caviars available. In addition to our Kaluga caviar for sale online, at Kolikof, you can buy trout and salmon roe as flavorful caviar alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've never tried caviar before — let alone ventured to buy caviar online — it's understandable you may have some questions. Since we pride ourselves in being the best online caviar store, our team understands the importance of being educated about this delicacy. We have addressed some of the most common questions about caviar here:

What is caviar?

All caviar is roe, but most importantly, not all roe is caviar. Spherical in shape and showcasing colors ranging from jet black to khaki green, caviar is unfertilized fish eggs — known as roe — harvested exclusively from sturgeon species and subsequently salted (also known as malossal).

How much does caviar cost?

Caviar prices per ounce can vary depending on type of caviar and other circumstances of the purchase. However, at Kolikof, we strive to keep this premium food affordable. When you buy caviar online with us, caviar prices per ounce range from roughly $48-$265.

What is the difference between fish roe and caviar?

Roe is a catch-all term that refers to harvested eggs of marine creatures. Caviar is a particular kind of roe from the Sturgeon family of fish, discovered in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Kolikof has both fish roe and Sturgeon caviar for sale.

What does caviar taste like?

Fine caviar is widely regarded to taste reminiscent of sweet ocean waters. However, good caviar is firm and fresh, does not taste overly fishy or salty, and may have a buttery quality. As the best place to buy caviar online, our store delivers the most exceptional caviar options available on the market.

How long does caviar last?

Always keep caviar refrigerated — do not freeze it. An unopened tin or jar can stay fresh for up to four weeks; consume it by the use-by date on the package. It is best consumed when opened. Once opened, use within 72 hours or the use-by date, whichever is sooner.

Buy the Best Caviar and Roe for Sale Online

Being the best online caviar store is a distinction we take pride in — and one we uphold by offering top quality, affordable caviar and roe products that everyone will enjoy. Wondering where to buy caviar online? You've arrived! If you are searching for the best place to buy caviar online, rest assured your search ends here at Kolikof. For more information about the best caviar for sale online, or if you're looking to buy trout or salmon roe, contact us today.

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