Montaraz UN1CO Pata Negra Jamón Pre-Sliced Platter


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Weight: 2.5 oz. / Pre-Sliced by Hand

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: There are only two ingredients are in Montaraz Ibérico UN1CO Pata Negra: Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico dry-cured ham, and natural sea salt. The exquisite Montaraz UN1CO (sometimes also spelled “Unico”) line of Spanish ham is cured for up to 4 years and is, without doubt, the finest Spanish ham available in the USA, and perhaps in the world. Enjoy the buttery richness of this paper-thin, hand-sliced, delicacy. Distinctly-marbled, it is full of beneficial with a magnificent melt-in-your-mouth, delicate texture. 100% Natural (no nitrates or additives). Thinly pre-sliced for convenience, and vacuum-packaged for freshness, this platter is ready to be served. 

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Montaraz is the only brand of Spanish ham available in the USA that is 100% natural and free of additives (no nitrates or preservatives). Pata Negra is the famous “black label” jamón by Montaraz. Ibérico pigs are permitted afforded the luxury of grazing on over two acres of beautiful pasture during its eighteen months of growth. Select Ibérico pigs dine on a diet of Bellota (acorns) during the montanera season, a period between October and January, when the acorns naturally fall from the oak trees that populate the Dehesa, or “grazing” pastures. The pigs will nearly double their weight before the ham is then cleaned and cured for 4 years. Every step of the curing process is held to the same high quality that the Montaraz family has maintained since 1890. 

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: This delicacy is pre-sliced by hand and is ready to serve! Serve at room temperature to maximize its flavor. This product makes for an impressive hostess gift. For aesthetics, you may wish to easily transfer the ham to your own plate. 

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Spain (Extremadura)

STORAGE: Keep Refrigerated. It is suggested that this product be brought to room temperature before serving.

INGREDIENTS: Pork, Sea Salt.