Only The Highest Grade Of Wagyu

With copious marbling and luxurious tenderness, Wagyu beef is among the most prized types of beef in the world. With Kolikof Wagyu beef online delivery options, this delicacy can be just a day away from arriving at your door! With our delivery, you can enjoy the best selection of grass-fed Wagyu beef for sale online, including Australian, Japanese, Tajima, and Shichiri Wagyu.

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Buy Japanese Wagyu Beef Online

The term “Wagyu” translates to Japanese cow, and generally refers to four main breeds bred for physical endurance, granting them more intramuscular fat cells. The easily soluble fat is distributed more evenly throughout these cows’ muscles, resulting in exquisitely tender beef. Our Japanese Wagyu beef for sale online includes prime options such as Wagyu NY Strip Steak and Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Boneless Ribeye.

Buy Australian Wagyu Beef Online

Outside of Japan, Australia hosts the second largest population of Wagyu beef. Australian climates differ around the county and are fundamentally different from the Japanese environment. Feed formulas vary from farm to farm, although Australian cattle do not graze as long as Japanese Wagyu. Australian Wagyu has a slightly different texture while presenting a rich, buttery flavor profile. Turn to Kolikof to order the best Australian Wagyu beef online!

Buy the Best Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef Online

Order Wagyu delivery of Kolikof grass-fed Australian, Japanese, Tajima, and Shichiri Wagyu beef for sale, and you'll be just a few days away from enjoying transcendently healthy dishes that are sure to please.

From buying olive-fed Wagyu to the best New York Strip Steak online, shopping the Kolikof selection of gourmet and exotic meat ensures a second-to-none dining experience each and every time. Order your tried-and-true favorite or expand your palate and buy Wagyu steaks online from Kolikof today!