New Caledonian Salt Prawns (French Blue Prawns)
New Caledonian Salt Prawns (French Blue Prawns)
New Caledonia Shrimp / French Blue Prawns

New Caledonian Salt Prawns (French Blue Prawns)

The same seafood & caviar used by Michelin-Star chefs, delivered right to your door.
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One Box - (2.2 lbs. / 1 kilo) - Heads & Tails Intact.

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: This is the premium blue prawn you've enjoyed at Michelin-starred European and Asian restaurants. Exceptional flavor is found in every delectable bite of our New Caledonian Prawns (Litopenaeus stylirostris), also referred to as French Blue Prawns. The perfect combination of sweet and briny pairs with a creamy but firm texture that is similar to premium fresh-caught lobster. 

Our French Blue Prawns are all natural, with no GMOS, growth hormones, or added chemicals. You can truly taste the difference between natural prawn versus its farmed counterpart. Our blue prawn are hand-harvested naturally from the coast of Australia and Tahiti.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Carefully watched over by the native people in the region, these rare blue prawns achieve their brilliant color by feeding off of the surrounding organic marine plankton. Nestled between Tahiti and Australia is the secluded island of New Caledonia. New Caledonian prawns can be raised for only seven or eight months a year, making them one of the most sought after prawns available to commercial consumers.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: You can use simple Asian ingredients such as ginger and lemongrass to accent its natural sweetness. Grill or steam as you would any lobster tail. Blue Prawn are also the only French shrimp discerning enough for serving sashimi-style in Japan—do so simply with a hint of fresh lime and salt.

QUANTITY: 2.2 lbs. / 1 kilo

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: South Georgia and the Ross Sea near Antarctica

Raw. Keep frozen. Thaw by refrigeration for 12-18 hours prior to cooking.

Contains shellfish.

Farmed and sustainably caught. No chemicals or preservatives.

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