Spanish Red Carabineros Jumbo Prawns


    • DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: More like dwarf lobsters than shrimp—an incredible 2-3 per pound, Red Carabineros Jumbo Prawns (Plesiopenaes edwardsianus) are very large and known for their ruby red coloring that remains even after cooked. The fleshy, distinctive tail meat is divinely buttery.

      BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Sometimes called Scarlet Cardinal Prawns, the Carabineros Prawn earns its name from the brightly colored red uniforms of the Spanish Police (Carabineros). Their color comes from their diet of pink plankton. 

      SERVING SUGGESTIONS: The most important thing to know about cooking red carabineros is to be sure to cook them slowly, and take care not to overcook them. Steam (do not boil), poach, grill, or sauté as you would lobster. To panfry, heat your favorite olive oil or butter (we recommend Echiré French Butter), in a pan. Add a generous amount of salt to the pan, and cook 3-4 minutes on each side. Stop cooking when the head is swollen. Enjoy the firm tail meat, and use the heads and shells for soup stock. True seafood connoisseurs will enjoy eating the legs and head. In Europe, the heads are often enjoyed as the ultimate delicacy of the sea.

      QUANTITY: 1 Box (2.2 lb./1 kilo). Whole / Heads & Tails intact

    • Keep Frozen. Thaw by refrigeration 18-24 hours. Cook before serving.
    • Ingredients: Shrimp.
      No chemicals or preservatives. All natural. GMO free.

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