Australian Wagyu BMS 8-9 NY Strip Steak


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$68.00 per lb.: 1 - Steak (14 oz.)

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Similar to the Filet in that it comes from the short loin area behind the ribs, the New York Strip Steak comes with a strip of fat along the edge and has more marbling throughout the cut. The Australian Wagyu New York strip, with its intense marbling and an outside strip of fat, is the perfect grilling steak, so fire up your "barbie," and enjoy! Our Australian Wagyu has been sourced from the cleanest farms in Australia, where the cattle roam free to graze as they please. All-natural, no additives, preservatives, antibiotics, or hormones.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: When a New York Strip Steak is cooked at high heat, the wonderful flavor of its fat is released throughout the cut. This cooking process gives the New York Strip Steak its wonderful richness and flavor. A simple meal that is sure to please even the most traditional beef lovers.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: For medium-rare, salt, and pepper to taste then grill or pan sear in a cast-iron skillet until the internal temperature of the Australian Wagyu New York strip is 125ºF to 130ºF.

QUANTITY: Available as 10 oz. and 20 oz. steak. 


STORAGE: Raw. Must be cooked prior to eating. Keep frozen. Thaw by refrigeration for 12-18 hours prior to cooking.