Tristan Lobster


DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Genuine Tristan Lobster (Jasus tristani) is a luxury even for those that have everything. It is a rock lobster with sweet succulent flavor and a plump texture beyond compare. You may wish to choose Echire AOC French butter to go with your shellfish selections. Sustainably caught. No chemicals or preservatives.
BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Tristan Rock Lobster is wild-caught in the deep and very cold waters off of the coast of the most remote and uninhabited and isolated island in the world, Tristan da Cunha. It is a 3-week boat ride to the clean waters off the South African coast. Wild-caught and frozen fresh upon catch. Sustainably caught. No chemicals or preservatives.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Please don't boil lobster! Boiling draws out too much of its wonderful flavor. We prefer to prepare Tristan Lobster simply grilled or classically steamed and served with clarified butter. And why not alongside the best cut of beef for a surf-and-turf meal like no other.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Tristan da Cunha, a remote island with pristine waters 1,511 miles off of the coast of South Africa.

STORAGE: Raw. Must be cooked prior to eating. Keep frozen. Thaw by refrigeration for 24 hours prior to cooking.

INGREDIENTS: Lobster (Shellfish)

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