Montaraz Jamón Bellota Ibérico Unico – Back Leg/Bone-in


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Weight: 16-18 lbs.

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Acorn-fed Jamon Ibérico de Bellota is considered to be the best Spanish ham in the world and the UN1CO (or UNICO) black label is the finest offering that has made Montaraz so famously popular. Known for its melt in your mouth texture, deep rich color, and complex flavor, each distinctly marbled slice of Montaraz Jamón Ibércio de Bellota is full of beneficial fats that bring out the unforgettable magnificence of the ham. Slicing by hand from the bone-in back leg is considered the best way to enjoy Bellota (acorn-fed) Jamón. Its unique, fresh flavor is derived from the exclusive diet of acorns that gives the ham its buttery richness and delicate texture. 100% Natural (no nitrates or additives). Montaraz is the only brand in the USA that is free of additives.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Not only is each Montaraz Ibérico pig allowed to graze on over two acres of forage during its eighteen months of growth, the Ibérico pigs destined for the Bellota designation feast on acorns during the montanera season, a period between October and January, where the acorns fall naturally from the oak trees that populate the Dehesa or grazing pastures. Nearly doubling its weight on this acorn diet during these final three months of life, the ham is then cleaned and cured for an unprecedented 4 years. Every step of the curing process is held to high standards and closely inspected to ensure the finest of quality, a quality the Montaraz family has maintained since 1890. With ancestral expertise handed down from father, to son for four generations of master ham makers, the Montaraz family has used time and experience to create a product that is truly memorable.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: This bone-in delicacy is meant to be hand-sliced, paper-thin. For best flavor, serve at room temperature. When mounted as a centerpiece in a special ham-holder, the Montaraz Unico Bellota ham will surely make an impression at your next party or event. 

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Spain (Extremadura)

STORAGE: Keep Refrigerated.

INGREDIENTS: Pork, Sea Salt.