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The mild flavor and flaky yet firm texture of our beautiful orange-crimson Atlantic Faroe Island salmon fillets (Salmo salar) is as clean and as can be. If you have never had Atlantic salmon from the remarkable, glacial fjords surrounding the Faroe Islands, welcome to your new favorite. Dense in nutrition, salmon is naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and B vitamins.

The frigid, pristine waters of the Danish Faroe Islands, situated between Iceland, Norway, and Scotland, are well-known for producing the world's finest salmon. Ours is the very best of the best—all-natural, free of GMOs, preservatives, and antibiotics; and is sustainably raised. 

6 oz. portions are skinless, Individually wrapped and vacuum packaged, making single-servings simple and quick. These outstanding portions are one of our best-sellers. Soon to become a staple good in your freezer and a family-favorite.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Did you know that by the time you purchase fresh salmon fillets at your favorite gourmet market, they are likely already 7-10 days old? This means that its flavor has already begun to deteriorate. Our Faroe Island salmon is caught, trimmed, and flash-frozen in freshwater on its very day of catch and can arrive at your door just two days later. Flash-freezing locks in its flavor and guarantees that desirable day-of-catch, wild-caught flavor.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Pat dry after thawing. Faroe Island salmon is rich in natural oils and truly needs nothing but 12-15 minutes under the broiler to release its flavor. Its firm yet flaky texture also makes it perfect for truly any cooking method: searing, grilling, roasting, and more.