What grade is Snake River Farms?

Let’s talk about beef today, more specifically the one that makes you feel like a genius in the kitchen with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I am talking about Snake River Farms, which is considered as the holy grail for all serious home cooks and BBQ enthusiasts. However, what grade do Snake River Farms get and why does it seem to be everyone’s darling?

The Skinny on Beef Grading

Ever wondered what those USDA grades mean? Here is the lowdown. The USDA grades beef using two main criteria; marbling (the white flecks of fat that melt into deliciousness) and age of the cow. The top grade is called Prime, which has got the most marbling and tenderness; Choice comes next where marbling is less, but still excellent; Select follows this with leaner meat that’s not so juicy.

Snake River Farms: A Cut Above

Snake River Farms doesn’t just play in the USDA sandbox – they’ve got their own game going on. They specialize in American Wagyu which is a crossing between Japanese Wagyu and American Angus possessing extreme marbling and rich flavoring capabilities. They have developed their own grading system with SRF Black Label™ and SRF Gold Label™ at its apex.

SRF Black Label™ beef is like an older brother or sister who always tops every class he/she attends. Actually it has more marbling than USDA Prime thus rendering it buttery soft while melting away in your mouth effortlessly. On the other hand SRF Gold Label™ has such rich fat content that can compete any given day with any Japanese Wagyu breed out there .It’s a special occasion kind of beef or just another Wednesday if you feel like having one.

Why You’ll Love It

Snake River Farms raises their cattle sustainably and humanely without hormones or antibiotics. This means that not only do you get tasty beef from them but also that it is sourced responsibly. Every stage, from breeding to aging, is where they derive their pride as they strive to give you the best each and every time.

Whether you’re grilling up a ribeye or slow-cooking a brisket, Snake River Farms beef transforms any meal into something extraordinary. Believe me; once you taste it, you will realize why it is a game changer.

Therefore next time when you feel like eating special food try to have some of them from Snake River farms and your tongues will always be grateful to you.