Does Japanese Meat Have Hormones?

Law in Japan, does not allow the usage of hormones in meat production. To ensure that Japanese meat is safe and without any contaminants such as antibiotics, hormones or other growth enhancers, the government has put in place tight controls.

More so, Japanese Wagyu beef is highly regarded due to its marbling and tenderness because it employs traditional techniques which do not involve hormones or other substances that promote growth. Instead, they are fed on a quality diet consisting of hay corn rice straw while receiving massages among others meant to improve their health.

It should be mentioned however that while banned for use in Japan; some imported meats from foreign countries may contain hormones. In the United States for instance, hormone use is common when rearing cattle for beef with an intention of promoting growth as well as increasing yields. Nevertheless, Japanese meat undergoes rigorous testing and regulation hence assures safety and high standards.

Basically; if you want to eat hormone-free and no-growth boosters meat then go for Japanese Wagyu beef. Besides being a healthy choice for carnivores globally due to its differentiating flavor profile having a higher level of marbling makes it delicious too.