How to Open Caviar Without a Caviar Key

Why is Caviar Sealed So Tightly?

If you’ve ever attempted to remove a caviar tin lid you may be interested to know exactly why it was so difficult to do. All caviar is presented in sealed and air-tight containers to ensure freshness. The reason is that if air were to accidentally reach the food, it would immediately begin to oxidize, and very quickly the fish eggs would be ruined. Not exactly what you would be expecting with your expensive and rare purchase. 

Caviar has a very short shelf-life, so ensuring the caviar is sealed as tight as possible is essential to maintaining a high-quality product and service by all caviar providers. Removing the lid in a way becomes a part of the whole experience, but how best to remove it.

How to Properly Open Caviar

The correct way to open a caviar tin is to use the specially-made key. This small Caviar key fits only one lock, and that is the caviar tin of your choice. They are designed to easily release the lid and allow you to serve your caviar. 

Some distributors, such as Kolikof, offer a free caviar key with every purchase to ensure a hassle-free experience. This is crucial if you also wish to showcase the Caviar in its tin, as the key will keep it in good condition.

How to Open Caviar Without a Caviar Key

If you by some chance find yourself without a caviar key, there are some tips to help you get into the Caviar. It may take a little creativity but it is possible. 

The easiest way to open the tin is to use something you carry around with you every day, and that is a coin. After cleaning, all you need to do is wedge the coin between lid and lip, add some downwards pressure and you should hear a small pop as the pressure releases to reveal your Caviar. 

However, you can use other items in the same manner, such as small knives, or even bottle openers. Be aware, not all caviar tins are the same, so you may find this technique becomes more difficult the bigger the container becomes. 

Ideally, you should always utilize a caviar key to ensure the safety of the roe.  Do not by any means, bash your tin, or try to use warm water to open it. This could damage your Caviar and is highly advised against it.

Where Can I Buy A Caviar Key?

Caviar Keys are easy to purchase off the internet, as well as in Luxury Gourmet Food Stores. 

Kolikof is delighted to be able to offer all customers a complimentary free caviar key for use with every purchase. This is an addition to a free Mother of Pearl spoon for serving. Discover Kolikofs full range of Caviar and try your hand at opening one.