Meater 2 Plus
Meater 2 Plus
Meater 2 Plus
Meater 2 Plus
Meater 2 Plus

Meater 2 Plus

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*The Kolikof Difference refers to the distinctive or exceptional qualities and factors that make this food unique or special, thus influencing Jim's deliberate selection of it for inclusion in Kolikof's assortment.


With the Direct Heat Grill, achieve temperatures of up to 1000°F and leave the probe in the meat while cooking and searing over an open flame.
The MEATER 2 Plus is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 Coded PHY Long Range wireless technology and Smart Temp™ Multisensor technology to accurately determine the lowest temperature of your meat, ensuring a perfect meal every time.
Plus, it's waterproof and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after using for deep frying or sous vide cooking. Enjoy fast charging capabilities that allow for a 2-hour cook after exploring the MEATER app, and a short 15-minute charge can last for up to 12 hours.
With ±0.5°F accuracy through a 3-point calibration process and a Certificate of Calibration, you can trust in the MEATER 2 Plus to deliver precise readings.
Never miss the perfect moment to remove your meat from heat, rest, and eat with customizable alerts based on internal and ambient temperatures or cooking time.
Probe Specs
Crafted with a stainless steel construction and a zirconia ceramic band, the Meater 2 Plus boasts 5 internal sensors and 1 ambient sensor.
Plus, with fast charging capability, simply charge the probe for 5 minutes and it will last for a 2-hour cook or up to 24 hours of cooking in just 30 minutes!
With a maximum internal temperature limit of 221°F and a maximum ambient temperature limit of 1000°F, this device is accurate with a precision of ±0.5°F.
Its Bluetooth 5.2 technology and coded PHY long range ensure a seamless and reliable connection, all in a sleek and slim 5mm diameter design.
Charger Specs
This Meater 2 Plus comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 for a long range connection and an energy-efficient design.
It's powered by just 1 AAA battery (included) which can last for up to 2 years with average usage of just one steak per week. And with fast charging capabilities, you can fully charge the probe in just 5 minutes for a 2-hour cook.
Made with natural and sustainable bamboo, this modernly designed tool also features magnets on the back for easily adhering to metallic surfaces, and a unique rubber foot to prevent slipping and sliding.
Measuring at 6.18" x 1.46" x 0.91", it's the perfect size for all your cooking needs.
App Requirements
iOS, version 14 and later
Android, version 8.0 and later
Range Specs
Typical range 250ft. Open Air, Direct Line of Sight, No RF interference.
Using WiFi MEATER Link and Cloud: INFINITE RANGE (must have additional phone/tablet with internet connectivity)

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