Black Burgundy Truffles – Tuber Uncinatum

Black Burgundy Truffles – Tuber Uncinatum

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Fresh Burgundy truffles from Europe (Tuber Uncinatum) are available from September–December. These wild and prized truffles are known for their intoxicating perfume that is sought after by the world’s finest chefs. Intense flavors resemble hazelnut and garlic. The firm flesh presents itself in beautiful hues from deep gray to chocolate browns with marbling from ivory to gold with a lovely textured outer skin.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Store truffles in your refrigerator near eggs and cheeses and you will discover the wonderful truffle flavor will have gently kissed them. Grate or thinly shave over your favorite warm dishes such as risotto, pasta, or eggs. The radiant heat of the dish is just enough to enhance the fresh flavors of white truffles.

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STORAGE: Keep in the refrigerator, and use within 2-3 days of receiving.

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