South African Lobster Tails


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Approx. $85 per lb.: (4) - 4.5-5 oz. South African Lobster Tails - $95.00

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: The Rock Lobsters of South Africa (Panulirus Gilchristi), also known as Cape Loster, offers sweet, bright white meat. This lobster is both our personal favorite, and our most popular. Found in the deepest, most frigid and pristine southern waters of South Africa, these beauties are MSC Certified, sustainably caught, and have no chemicals or preservatives. Try Echire AOC French butter to go with your lobster and seafood selections. 

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: South African Lobster is also known as Cape Lobster, or spiny rock lobster. Did you know that lobsters molt their shells? As they molt, their shells harden. This means that the bigger the lobster, the harder the shell, the tougher the meat. While big lobsters tend to take the spotlight for their grand size, for your best lobster experience, it is our choice to sell only the 4-4.5oz. size.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Lobster is truly the easiest meal! We recommend flaunting the tails of these beauties by steaming and serving with drawn butter, or simply grilled. Boiling lobster tails can release too much of its sweet flavor into the water—so please don't!


STORAGE: Raw. Must be cooked prior to eating. Keep frozen. Thaw by refrigeration for 24 hours prior to cooking.

INGREDIENTS: Lobster (Shellfish)