Ortiz Anchovies in Olive Oil


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Size: 1 - Jar (3.3 oz. / 95g)

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: The intense flavor and perfect texture of Ortiz anchovies (also called Anchoas or Boquerones) is simply incomparable. Anchovies are wild-caught from the Cantabrian sea; then salted, pressed, and matured in barrels for at least six months. Using a traditional craft method, they are then hand-filleted, hand-packed, and bathed and jarred in the finest olive oil. This pantry staple is ready-to-eat, straight from the jar.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Whether you call them Anchovies, Boquerones, Anchoas, or European Sardines, are they all stem from the same species (engraulis encrasicholus). In general, "Anchovy” and “Bocarte” are terms used in Northern Spain; “Boqueron” or “European Sardine” is the common term in the south. Boquerones also often refer to a specific preparation of white anchovies, which are marinated in vinegar.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Anchovies are a versatile ingredient—minced and mash them into salads (think traditional Caesar!) and vinaigrettes, and use them to season a variety of dishes, from vegetables to salads. minced and mashed into vinaigrettes to season a variety of dishes, from vegetables to salads and entrées such as Spaghetti con Acciughe.


STORAGE: Store in a cool dark place. Refrigerate after opening.

INGREDIENTS: Anchovies, olive oil, sea salt.