Australian Wagyu BMS 6-7 Boneless Ribeye


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$116.00 per lb.: 1 - Steak (20 oz.)

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Famous for the pocket of fat which produces a strong beef taste and juiciness all over, the Australian Wagyu BMS 6-7 Boneless Ribeye is a beef lover's dream come true. The ribeye cut, with its center eye and luxurious cap, is considered to be the most tender and highly favored portion of all cuts of beef. It is the part of the rack of ribs cut down into individual steaks. As with all Kolikof products, our Australian Wagyu beef is all-natural, contains no additives, or preservatives, and is antibiotic and hormone-free.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: When comparing Australian Wagyu with Japanese Wagyu, Australian Wagyu is favored by many for its deep beefy flavor. Because of a feeding cycle that is 150 days longer than Australian Wagyu, the Japanese Wagyu tends to be larger, and more marbled than Australian Wagyu. But, when it comes to rich and juicy flavor that is more affordable, the Australian Wagyu BMS 6-7 ribeye certainly will not disappoint. The ribeye cut comes from the rib section of the cow and can be served boneless or with one rib attached.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: For medium-rare, salt, and pepper to taste then grill or pan sear in a cast-iron skillet until the internal temperature of the Australian Ribeye is 125ºF to 130ºF.

QUANTITY: Currently available as 16 oz. steak. Please call 800.353.0430 to inquire about other weights. 

STORAGE: Raw. Must be cooked prior to eating. Keep frozen. Thaw by refrigeration for 12-18 hours prior to cooking.