Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef – Filet Mignon


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Weight:: 1 - Steak (8 oz.)

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef is the gorgeous result of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and the decadent marbling of traditional Japanese Wagyu Beef. Good genes, pure grazing conditions, and time all help set the stage for this glorious beef. The result is a gamy, unusually lean, and natural tasting Wagyu that is leaner, and higher in omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: The coasts of Tasmania, Gippsland, and South Australia are where our carefully selected Black Cows freely roam and graze for 30 months. Here, the air is pure and the grass grows in mineral-rich volcanic soils. There is no denying that fat gives steak its flavor, particularly when it's Wagyu Beef. All-natural, no additives, preservatives, antibiotics or hormones.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Cook Grass-Fed Wagyu beef just as you would any beef –remove from the refrigerator a half-hour prior to cooking. Generously season with salt and pepper, and let rest. Grill or pan-sear in a cast-iron skillet over high heat. For medium-rare, cook until it reaches an internal temperature of 130ºF.


STORAGE: Raw. Must be cooked prior to eating. Keep frozen. Thaw overnight by refrigeration prior to cooking.