White Truffles (Italian) - Tuber Magnatum Pico


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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Fresh winter white truffles from Italy (Tuber Magnatum Pico) are available only from October-December. Also called Piedmont, or Alba truffles, these wild Italian truffles are treasured for their intense aroma and earthy flavors that resemble the chestnut, oak, or hazelnut trees from which they grow beneath. The firm flesh presents itself in beautifully marbled tones of ivory, cream, and light caramel. 

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Specially-trained dogs have replaced this career that traditionally once belonged to pigs. This is because the pigs naturally devoured too many of their finds!

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Italy (Umbria and Alba regions)

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Never cook truffles! Thinly shave, or grate over a warm dish such as risotto, pasta, or eggs. The radiant heat of the dish is just enough to enhance the fresh flavors of white truffles.

STORAGE: Keep in the refrigerator, and use within 2-3 days of receiving.