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Prime Veal Chops

Prime Veal Chops

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Veal Chop - 14,800 - Hard
Veal Chops - 3,600 - Medium
Prime Veal Chops - N/A


Experience thick-cut, juicy, bone-in veal chops like you’ve never had before. This is prime USDA veal that has passed the most rigorous of tests. Straight from the farm to your plate with zero additives or hormones.

Our prime milk-fed veal is sourced directly from our small-batch producers in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Locally owned and sustainable, our veal is humanely raised to ensure the most tender cuts possible. Its texture is velvety and tender; its flavor delicate, refined and light. For a lighter and crispier main course, try our Veal Cutlets.

Serving Suggestions:
Veal chops are best experienced when grilled or baked in the oven. Avoid dry meat by cooking your veal to a medium-rare to medium temperature at around 145 to 160 F. Serve with rice, potato, or a vegetable of your choice for a complete meal.

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"A true gourmet experience. The people running this company constantly obsess to find the highest quality unique foods items from worldwide sources."

Andrew T.

"I’ve been a customer at Kolikof for 4 years and have loved their caviar more than my old favorite famous brands. Their prices are the lowest for the highest quality."

– L. Altmann

"I’m a foodie. I have traveled and eaten all over the world. At a time when most of us can’t travel to the places we love to eat at around the world…Kolikof brings many of the things I miss to me."

Chris P.

"Best place to order gifts. Everything arrives fresh and on time!”

Jodi N.

"Fabulous products and great customer service!!"

Dave B.
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