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Just Jan's Tangerine Sriracha

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Tangerine Sriracha is the result of the tangy sweetness of citrus, matched with the brightness of vinegar, the savory flavor of garlic, the heat of red chiles, and a smooth finish with a hint of coriander. More spicy than hot, we think it perfectly complements our whole pre-cooked goose. A fusion of apricots, red bell pepper, and jalapeño, this spread is a great complement to cheeses, sauces, or your favorite sandwich. Don’t say we didn’t warn you...one taste and you’ll be hooked!

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Just Jan's Tangerine Sriracha is the perfect blend of homemade sriracha sauce, combined with Just Jan's Tangerine Marmalade. The result is this Tangerine Sriracha. All Just Jan's products are all-natural, and contain no preservatives.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: This condiment is the perfect replacement for your every-day sriracha. Just a teaspoon adds a sweet-hot punch to soups, sandwiches, meat, poultry (we love it with our half duck breast, or pre-cooked whole goose!), or even a savory beverage, like a Bloody Mary.

Key Features

QUANTITY: 1 - 12 oz. Bottle


STORAGE: Store in pantry. Refrigerate after opening.

INGREDIENTS: Red Jalapeño Peppers, Pure Cane Sugar, Distilled Vinegar, Tangerines, Salt, Garlic, Coriander.

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