European Turbot Fillet


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Weight:: 2-2.2 lbs (1 kilo) - One Half-Fish / 1 Fillet - $110.00

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) is surely the king of fish. It is delicate; yet flaky and firm. It's flesh is brilliantly white; its flavor mild, and unique. Until now, turbot was found almost exclusively in the best Michelin-star restaurants in Europe. This rare delicacy has always been difficult to find in the United States. 

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: As a flat fish, turbot is often compared to flounder. Make no mistake — there is no comparison. True European Turbot has flavors unto itself. No GMOs, antibiotics or preservatives. Sustainably raised.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: This supreme fillet receives first-class attention to those who enjoy it. Turbot is so full of flavor on its own, so, simple preparations are recommended. Avoid dry heat or grilling, which can make it dry. This beauty is best simply poached, steamed, or pan-seared in the best butter. To elevate your palate, substitute turbot in any recipe calling for halibut.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Scotland and France 

INGREDIENTS: Turbot (Fish)