Spanish Octopus


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Weight: 1 - Bag (3.1 lbs. / approx. 30 pcs.)

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    • DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: All Spanish Octopus (Linnaeus) is not created equal. The preparation of this seemingly-difficult delicacy has been made simple for you to prepare at home. Cleaned, cut, and par-cooked, you need only defrost, drizzle with the best extra-virgin olive oil and fresh-squeezed lemon, and char-grill on your barbecue for delicious perfection. Some say its flavor resembles that of scallops. It is sweet with a buttery texture.

      BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Sourced from the pure, sunlit waters off the coasts of Morocco and Spain. The warmer waters form the perfect environment for tender, sweet flesh. It is often called Greek Octopus.

      SERVING SUGGESTIONS: The classic way to serve Spanish Octopus is simple yet most pleasing. Drizzle with the best extra-virgin olive oil and fresh-squeezed lemon and char-grill. Serve with a dash of fresh parsley or other herbs or greens of your choice over a bed of grilled vegetables or fresh polenta.

      WEIGHT: 1 - Bag (3.1 lbs. / approx. 30 pcs.)
      COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Spain / Morocco

    • Frozen. Par-cooked. Thaw 18-24 hours prior to cooking.
    • Ingredients: Octopus.
      No chemicals or preservatives.