Artisan Sharp Manchego Cheese - 1 Pound

Artisan Sharp Manchego Cheese - 1 Pound

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The Kolikof Difference*:

Discover this full, sharp-flavored Manchego made by Villajos, a small family producer. Aged for six months, this wheel of cheese has been hailed for its exceptional taste, winning a Gran Selección Silver Medal in 2005 and a Silver Medal at the 2021 World Cheese Awards.

This semi-aged masterpiece is created in small batches from the finest sheep's milk, giving it a flavor like no other. Nutty and bold, each bite will tantalize your taste buds and have you longing for more.

The Villajos family carefully crafts this cheese with passion and devotion, using the freshest milk taken each morning. Then the milk is heated, churned, pressed into baskets, and aged for 6 months. The result is an incredible wheel of cheese - firm with a sharp taste - slightly similar to Parmigiano or even top-notch cheddar.

Serve this 1 lb/454 gr wedge with quince jam or wildflower honey, or alongside Jamón.

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*The Kolikof Difference refers to the distinctive or exceptional qualities and factors that make this food unique or special, thus influencing Jim's deliberate selection of it for inclusion in Kolikof's assortment.


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