Imperial 000 Sturgeon Caviar Gift Set (1.5 Kilo Ttl)

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3 - 500g (1.75oz) Imperial 000 (Triple Zero)
5 - 7.5oz Containers of Créme Fraîche
5 - 16-count Packages of Blinis
18 - Mother of pearl spoons

Everything that's needed for a gala celebration! A total of 1.5 kilos of sturgeon caviar. Our Imperial 000 ("Triple Zero) sturgeon caviar is one of our most popular and indulgent caviars. These exquisite eggs are an extra-large and firm grain sturgeon caviar that easily rolls in your mouth, exploding with sweet ocean water. A lavish and luxurious selection for your intimate dinner parties. 12-24 servings.

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ORIGIN: Imported        METHOD: Farmed

SHELF LIFE: Four weeks refrigerated. Once opened, Use within 72 hours of opening or until the use-by date, whichever is sooner.

STORAGE: Keep refrigerated. Store at 32ºF to 34ºF. Refrigerate promptly upon receipt.

SHIPPING: All caviar ships overnight Tues – Fri. when ordered by 1pm PST. No delivery Sunday, Monday or the day of or after national / FedEx holidays. See shipping policy here. If you have questions, please call 800.353.0430 or email here.

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