Whole Macadamia Nuts


    • DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Unsalted, and roasted whole in their shell. The macadamia nut is like no other, and ours offer an exceptionally creamy taste and an impressive presentation. This is as fresh as they come, organically grown and just picked from the tree. Harvested in the USA, Kolikof macadamia nuts are hand-sorted and packaged in a rugged, yet soft burlap sack, ready for gift-giving or self-indulging.

      Macadamia nuts have a particularly hard shell and are difficult to crack without the right tool. If this is your first experience with whole macadamia nuts, you will want to purchase the nuts with our specially-selected nutcracker that stands up to its task.

      BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Macadamia nuts are known for their nutritional benefits. (more to come. I think Carmina is working on this?)

      SERVING SUGGESTIONS: To Come with link to nutcracker here.

      WEIGHT: 5 lbs.

    • Store in a cool, dry place in an open container for up to 6 months. May be refrigerated.
    • Contains Tree Nuts.