Veal Scaloppine (or Scallopini) is a favorite meal

Veal Cutlets (Scaloppine)

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Veal cutlets are the finest cut of this ultra-tender, choice meat. Our veal has passed rigorous tests and inspections and is both USDA and Halal certified. Experience the finest quality of beef as if it were sourced directly from a local butcher.

Our premium beef cuts are already thinly-pounded straight from the package, meaning you can easily prepare your favorites like Veal Saltimbocca, Marsala, Parmigiana, and of course, Schnitzel. This versatile meat can serve you great-purpose while hosting a dinner party, or even while in a cooking pinch.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Scaloppine simply means thinly sliced meat (usually veal) that has been dredged in wheat flour; then sautéed in one of many types of reduction sauces. Veal scaloppine is an extremely popular dish that is well known as a classic American-Italian dish. Veal is a beef product.

Key Features

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Thinly-pounded veal cutlets thaw, and cook quickly, and are very versatile. Treat as you would a pounded chicken breast, but enjoy its mild, beefy flavor. One of our favorite and easy preparations is Veal Piccata — after dredging in flour, simply sauté the veal in the finest butter, adding fresh lemon juice and capers near its finish.


STORAGE: Raw meat. Keep Frozen. Thaw under refrigeration for 18-24 hours. Must be cooked before eating.


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