Maine Sea Scallops


DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Sweet, tender and simply the best tasting and largest sea scallops in the world! U-10 (meaning 10 or fewer per-pound!) Wild-caught, all natural, and MSC Certified. Flash-frozen upon catch for the freshest, smoothest, cleanest taste.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Kolikof North Atlantic Sea Scallops are harvested from Georges Bank, Maine — one of the world's premiere resources for seafood, particularly for scallops, cod, haddock, clams and many types of shellfish. This fishing ground is pristine and productive, due to its elevated position on the continental shelf, where the warm current of the Gulf stream meets the cooler current of the Atlantic Ocean.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Our sea scallops are so sweet and tender and require very little preparation. Simply pan-sear with butter and seasonings of your choice. For a simple meal, serve atop a creamy pasta.

WEIGHT: 1 - 5 lb. Bag (frozen)     COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USA (Maine)

STORAGE: Freeze upon receipt. Keep frozen until ready to eat. Thaw by refrigeration 18-24 hours prior to cooking.

INGREDIENTS: Contains Shellfish.