Olive Wagyu - NY Strip Sirloin Steak


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Weight:: 1 - Steak (16 oz.)

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: 100% Olive-Fed, Fullblood Wagyu Beef is truly one of the world's rarest foods. And when available, it quickly sells out. Uniquely buttery, this American Wagyu is defined by its intense yet fine, bright white marbled fat, buttery flavor, and extremely tender texture. Olive-fed Wagyu is the highest grade of Wagyu in the beef marketplace and consistently wins the prize for "best fat" at Japan's renowned Wagyu Olympics. Animals are humanely raised and roam freely in a healthy environment. 

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: The tender, and buttery Olive flavor is naturally created by high levels of healthy Oleic and Glutamic Acids, and Monounsaturated Fats within the healthy olive feed that helps these certified olive-fed cows thrive. By-products from the most historic olive groves in Greece have been transformed into the nutritious animal feed that not only creates a superior beef product, but also helps to prevent the major environmental problem of water, soil, and air pollution that is caused by olive waste.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Bring steak to room temperature before cooking. Remove excess moisture by patting with paper towels. Season well with salt on both sides. Heat a cast-iron pan. Add a small amount of Olive Oil; gently add your meat. Cook for about a minute per side, and also render the fat on the outside for 20 seconds or so. An important step is to let the steak rest for 1-2 prior to slicing.


STORAGE: Raw. Must be cooked prior to eating. Keep frozen. Thaw overnight by refrigeration prior to cooking.