South Australian/New Zealand Lobster Tail


DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Our South Australian Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii) has a smooth yet firm texture with bright white flesh. So sweet you'll want to eat it pure. Its superb flavor is due to its slow growth and to the rich nutrients in the cold, crystal waters of the Southern Ocean. Our customers often choose Echire AOC French butter to go with their shellfish selections.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Wild-caught and frozen fresh on the day of catch off coasts of New Zealand, South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria. Sustainably caught. No chemicals or preservatives.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Like its north and west cousins, South Australian / New Zealand lobster is firm—it is easy to achieve perfection under any cooking method—just don't boil! (boiling lobster releases too much of its flavor into the water. Steam or grill only, with minimal additions so that its natural flavors shine through.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Australia / New Zealand

STORAGE: Raw. Must be cooked prior to eating. Keep frozen. Thaw by refrigeration for 24 hours prior to cooking.

INGREDIENTS: Lobster (Shellfish)

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