Maine Lobster Meat Tail/Claw/Knuckle (Raw)


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$90.00 per lb.: 1 - 2 lb. Bag

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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Fresh Maine Lobster Meat is prized for its mild and sweet flavor and plump, smooth texture. It's never been easier to cook and eat lobster meat we have shelled it for you! Our lobsters are fresh, caught off of the coast of Maine, and flash-frozen in freshwater for that "same-day-of-catch" freshness. Experience your desire for this delicacy without ever leaving your home.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Maine Lobster is what brings thousands of tourists to the great state of Maine each summer. Our lobsters are hand-selected from small-batch, artisanal anglers. There are never any hormones (GMO's), or antibiotics in our products, and our lobster meat is no exception. Raw lobster meat is a versatile ingredient that you will want to store in your freezer year-round.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Raw lobster meat is a most versatile seafood. For a simple preparation, saut̩é thawed, raw lobster meat in a saucepan with butter and garlic, and serve atop pasta. Alternatively, after cooking (boil thawed raw meat in water for 12-15 minutes), serve it cold and offer melted butter alongside. This is also the perfect lobster for your lobster rolls—simply mix with a tangy fresh, or gourmet store-bought aioli and serve in your favorite crusty sourdough or French roll, and you have a delicious meal that is simple yet classic. Serve to guests alfresco with coleslaw with your favorite picnic-style side dishes.

QUANTITY: 2 lb. bag      COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USA (Maine)

STORAGE: Keep Frozen. This product is raw and must be cooked prior to eating. Once thawed, cook and consume within one to two days.
Thawing Instructions: Place in the refrigerator in a bowl of room temperature water (please do not thaw in the microwave—microwave ovens ruin the delicate texture and sweet flavor). Once thawed, cook and consume within one to two days.
INGREDIENTS: Lobster (Shellfish). May contain shell fragments.