Russian Ossetra Caviar

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Russian Ossetra may be the most popular sturgeon caviar, and it is no wonder why. It is known for its nutty color and eggs that are more firm than even Beluga. Its medium-sized grain is light to dark brown in color, with golden highlights. The female Ossetra (Gueldenstaedtii Russian) (also known as Osetra or Oscietra) will begin to produce eggs when it is 10 years old. 

1 oz. available in glass jar. All other sizes are in Kolikof's own elegant tins.

INGREDIENTS: Sturgeon Roe, Salt.

ORIGIN: Imported     METHOD: Farmed

SHELF LIFE: Four weeks refrigerated. Once opened, use within 72 hours of opening or until the use-by date, whichever is sooner.

STORAGE: Keep refrigerated. Store at 32ºF to 34ºF. Refrigerate promptly upon receipt.

* 1 free spoon and caviar key per order. No caviar key with 28g jar.

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